Sales blaze with J&C Tropicals Dragon Fuel brand

J&C Tropicals, Miami, has a new dragon fruit brand — Dragon Fuel. The company’s Florida-grown white and red dragon fruit varieties will carry the new brand name, according to a news release. Dragon Fuel fruit also carries the tagline “It’s Healthy Time,” capitalizing on the nutritional benefits of the Florida dragon fruit, including high levels of oil that contains Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants, according to the release. The third-generation, family-owned grower-shipper has seen sales of dragon fruit ramp up in recent years. “Last year we saw exponential growth in dragon fruit,” Adrian Capote, vice president of sales, said in the release. “Dragon Fuel will be key to taking sales to the next level.”
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Miami grower, wholesaler to participate in Imperfectly Delicious Produce program

A south Florida grower-shipper and wholesaler are partnering to supply the University of Miami’s dining services tropical specialties for Compass Group North America’s Imperfectly Delicious Produce program. Miami’s J&C Tropicals and wholesaler Freedom Fresh LLC are to participate in the Charlotte, N.C.-based Compass Group initiative that provides an outlet for secondary market produce. The specialty produce from J&C, which grows and ships and imports tropical fruits, roots and vegetables, and distributed by Freedom Fresh, is scheduled to be used in the university’s retail and residential dining operations. The products will be promoted as part a sustainable food supply, according to a news release. Because of skin blemishes, discoloring and abnormal sizes and shapes, J&C usually discards 60,000 pounds or about 9% of the 700,000 pounds of tropical fruits and vegetables it grows as unmarketable, said Denise Gomez, the company’s marketing representative. It’s too early to say how much of that fruit would be salvageable and Gomez said she couldn’t provide an estimate of how much fruit J&C plans to provide through the Imperfectly Delicious program that is designed to help the wholesaler and university prevent produce from being wasted. The companies plan to offer the produce to the university foodservice operator for inclusion in campus venues including salad bars, soups and vegetable medleys. J&C plans to offer boniato (sweet potato), guava, malanga blanca and mamey in the program. Mamey would be used in smoothies and fruit salads while malanga and boniato chips and mash would be paired with seafood and other meat, Gomez said. Compass is a contract foodservice company.

Taste A Dragon Fruit Today!

If you’ve never tasted the seasonal, tropical fruit, Dragon fruit, then shame on you! But luckily for you, Chef Ralph Pagano will tell us all about this delicious seasonal fruit, in his QuickBytes. And here’s just a taste: Dragon Fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It’s also low in calories and does not contain complex carbohydrates. And the red variety of Dragon fruit contains lycopene – a natural antioxidant known to fight cancer and heart disease. So be sure to join Chef Pagano in the kitchen, as he whips us some tasty recipes. He’s using Dragon fruit — courtesy of a South Florida based grower — J&C Tropicals. This third-generation, family-owned produce company grows, packs, imports, and distributes tropical roots, fruits and vegetables—WORLDWIDE! They’ve been around for over 50-years. And besides South Florida, Dragon fruit is also grown in South and Central America, Mexico, South-East Asia and Israel. Tune-in to QuickBytes and help Chef Pagano slay the Dragon fruit.