Our Mission

To help the world discover & consume unique tropical produce.

Core values




Above all, we are dedicated to our fruits, roots, and vegetables. Our commitment is to connect farmers with premium retailers, and we take care of every details so that our farmers can focus on what they do best—growing quality produce.


Our proven process

Vertically integrated with national distribution, grow your business with products of excellence, next level relationship management and in-store marketing. We provide our partners with six levels of concentration; The Consumer; Quality Production; Direct Sourcing, Production, and Safety; Logistics Expertise; Diversified Operations and Facilities; and Exceptional Service.

  1. Customer
  2. Direct to Source
  3. Facilities
  4. Product
  5. Import Logistics Expertise
  6. Services


Industry Innovation

Over the years we have learned how to improve our packing facilities and distribution centers with next-level efficiency. Understanding the challenges of farming and retail, specifically at check-out, we designed technology that packs and tags our products with next-level precision. These innovations, among others, has given us the capability to accurately trace each fruit and vegetable throughout the supply chain down to the source of origin.


Safety First

The number one priority at J&C Tropicals is the quality control of our products before they reach our retailer shelves. We operate a vertically integrated structure where we partner with the farms and pack to the highest safety and standards in order to distribute globally. Our safety program also helps educate our farmers to prepare for field audits and decide the healthiest farming practices while our distribution and packing centers follow industry guidelines to create the cleanest work environment for our team and your family’s health in mind at all times

The J&C Tropicals family legacy