The J&C Tropicals Premier Partner Program

A vertically integrated program with grower diversification

Current geographics & market share

Be well informed on seasonality with a fun selection of fruits, roots & vegetables

Products of excellence

The quality and variety of our products is a reflection of our exceptional commitment to excellence.

Relationship management

We support our premier partners with a wide variety of tools, assets, and information to make the best decisions.


Fresh, educational, and most importantly fun, our marketing programs are designed to sell produce.

What we bring to the aisle


Variety may be the spice of life but when it comes to tropical fruits, roots, and vegetables, our supply chain is second to none.


The key differentiators that separate us from our competitors are; Quality. Consistency. Variety.

Vertically integrated

We partner with our growers (and we own farms too!) around the world to pack and distribute only the best tropicals every season.

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