How We Raise Our Florida Dragon Fruit

Author: The Head Fruit

Delivering Dragon Fruit With Legendary Speed! 

Our red and white dragon fruit is locally grown. Why? With calcium-rich soil, a subtropical climate, and plenty of sun, Florida is the perfect place to harvest juicy dragon fruit! In fact, we’re the #1 grower and distributor of dragon fruit in the US and #3 in the world behind Ecuador and Thailand. 

Dragon fruit is a fierce but also fragile creature. It only blooms for one night, after dark. We have to get the timing perfect, so this mystical wonder is primed for purchase and consumption when it ends up at your store. Once the dragon fruit flowers, we wait one more month until it’s moderately firm and perfectly ripe! Once our farmers pick it from the tree, it begins the quick journey to your store, which takes only 24-48 hours… That’s the fastest and freshest turnaround in the US! 

Here’s how we get that fiery speed: We use the latest packing tech available. It’s an innovative system that produces 4-5 times more output than the average packing facility. Most importantly, our packs are consistent and driven by quality. Each day, the sophisticated packing machine generates an end-of-day quality report that we send to the grower to ensure that each pack is top-tier! 

We then use innovative double-stacked elastic tags, making the process more polished and streamlined for your convenience. That way, your customers can count on fresh, flavorful fruit. It’s a difference they’ll be able to taste immediately (and it’ll keep them coming back for more). That’s how to raise delicious dragon fruit properly!