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The house of dragon fruit
Author: The Head Fruit

With the diversification of farming, the agricultural landscape of Southeast Florida has dramatically changed over the years. As a leader in the farming community, our goal is to always find solutions and efficiencies that are sustainable from seed to shelf. What started small about a decade ago, has grown into one of the largest and most sustainable crops in the region. On the wings of Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion…err, we mean Red, White, and Yellow Dragon Fruit, Florida has now established itself as the #1 producer in the United States and 3rd in the world behind Vietnam and Ecuador. With investment, innovation, and a lot of tenacity like our favorite G.O.T. characters, J&C Tropicals is now the #1 grower and distributor of dragon fruit in the United States. We have helped revolutionize supply chain efficiencies with innovations such as:

Selecting the best quality dragon fruit

Designing and developing a sorting machine that consistently packs by weight, size, and count

Dragon fruit with elastic tag to manage and track

Introducing an elastic tag system to accurately manage and track dragon fruit from shelf to checkout

In addition, we also provide our premier partners with promotional plans, merchandising materials, social media content, and more. The Florida growing season for dragon fruit begins in June and ends in November. Currently, Florida as a whole loses about 30% of its production due to weather-related issues. To mitigate this issue, J&C Tropicals has invested in a greenhouse program.

To start, J&C Tropicals has purchased 5-acres of land and the property has been cleared to build the greenhouse. We aim to have the program online by 2024. As farmers ourselves, we are proud to continue investing in Southeast Florida as part of our locally grown commitment.