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Tropical fruits birthday horoscope chart
Author: The Head Fruit


To all our Taurus out there, we feel your vibes. We know how much you enjoy a good aromatic flavor. With guava ruling your life, you will never miss that smoothness that’s always characterized you. Our tip for you to lead your best tropical life, enjoy a strawberry-guava sorbet on a sunny day.


We all know Gemini for their bad jokes. Gladly they’re ruled by jocotes which means they put the perfect sweetness to all situations. Gemini, keep putting that fun and innocent attitude to work while having a delicious honey jocote.


Our honest, brave, and compassionate Cancers, just like mangos the best of you comes from the inside. Cancer, you are being ruled by the vibrant interior of mangos, which means your tenacity and character will always define you. Our advice, take all the mangos life has to offer you and make them a delicious mango-ceviche.


We all know Leos can be a lot. You are the ultimate confident and generous being. Like avocados, you never disappoint and always add a special touch to every meal. Being ruled by avocados, you can be confident you make everything taste better. Just remember, don’t forget to add some lemon to life and obviously to your guac.


Virgos, we see your spice. We know Virgos tend to be more on the shy side. But trust us being ruled by peppers, Virgos are that loyal friend who will always bring some hot topic to the conversation. You probably didn’t know this, but as peppers (who provide more vitamin C than an orange) Virgos have so much to offer. Our recommendation, be fearless and enjoy all your meals with some aji cachucha.


Libras, you´re known to be one of the most social signs of the zodiac. Yes, yes, that’s one of the reasons you´re ruled by the tamarind. As tamarind that comes in shell pods, you tend to look for your own tropical group of friends and stick to them. Like this tropical wonder, you are sweet and sour which makes you the perfect company. Our suggestion, buy some tamarind and share an Agua Fresca with your closest amigos.


Scorpios. Oh, passionate and incredible Scorpios. Like dragon fruit, you’re captivating and unique, though we all know never to cross a dragon. Like this exotic fruit, you are mysterious and worth having around. Our advice, relax and enjoy a dragon fruit bowl.


Our dear Sagittarius, just like the star fruit you are the life of the party. We know you love to be the star, which sometimes can make you an attention seeker. Don’t worry, be you, and keep that perfect combination of sweet and sour as your essence. Our tip to shining bright is to share a tropical star fruit mojito with your friends.


Capricorn oh Capricorn, your patience, ambition, and persistence is of great power. Like the boniato root, you enjoy the process and take your time to grow. We all know sometimes you can be sweet and spicy at the same time but stay proud of your authenticity. Avoid stress and join tropical paradise with a nice boniato smash.


Aquarius, you don’t need to hide it, passion rules your life. You are independent, original, and vibrant just like passion fruit. You evolve and grow to show your bright inside colors. Don’t expect to ever be normal, because you’re extraordinary and tropical—obviously. Keep enjoying a fresh life with a passion fruit cheese cream, or cocktail.


Pisces, we know you’re fearless, love trying new things, and exploring. Just like fresh papaya, people fall in love with you instantly thanks to your fresh and juicy social skills. Our recommendation; turn up the charm with every plate and live your best tropical life with a Thai papaya salad. You’re welcome.


Aries, you must always follow your dreams, as mamey your unique essence is what makes you special. Not a lot of people are willing to be different, no matter if they like your authenticity or not, you will always be remembered, that’s what makes you exceptional. Treat life with a fresh start every day, especially if it’s with a mamey smoothie.