The Roots of Our Family Tree

Author: The Head Fruit

Tropical produce is much more than a plate, bowl, or basket of colorful exotic-looking fruits, roots, and vegetables. It is our legacy, and it’s in our blood. 

As third-generation farmers, our story began when our father Nibaldo Capote fled Cuba in the 1960s. Leaving was difficult, but necessary. And our father was driven by his resilience, determination, and unwavering love for his family.

Nibaldo hit the ground running when he arrived in the States, working several jobs to establish himself, provide for his family, and lend a helping hand to other Cuban refugees. 

Meanwhile, Nibaldo’s father Esteban, our grandfather, sent him envelopes with Boniato slips to plant. Our father saved up and eventually purchased 5-acres of land in the Redlands with a partner. From that first harvest came many more, and ultimately expansion both professionally and personally with the addition of Carlos, Jessie, and Adrian.

Throughout the 70s and 80s, Nibaldo grew the business with a reputation rooted in quality, variety, and value. He always led by example with a smile on his face, instilling a relentless work ethic in everyone around him. 

“In 1992, Hurricane Andrew decimated the company warehouse. I’ll never forget my father saying, ‘There’s nothing here to do but to start building from the ground up again.'” – Adrian Capote, VP Sales

While rebuilding, our father started taking us more regularly to the farm. We would spend all day picking avocados, boniato, and malangas. On the way home, he would have us negotiate with bodega owners to teach us how to sell, which was both gritty and rewarding. While Carlos and Adrian went immediately into the family business, Jesse had a successful law career before joining the family business a few years after Nibaldo passed in 2001.

Today, J&C Tropicals grows, packs, and distributes over 70 varieties of premium tropical produce from around the world. While our portfolio has grown, our mission remains the same; To help the world discover exceptional tropical produce.

“My goal is to carry forward [and] honor everything that my grandfather and father did. We are looking to be the best tropical fruit company that there is on the planet,” Jessie Capote, CEO

To learn more about our journey, watch our historical video in our YouTube channel. Just don’t forget to bring the yuca chips, avocado guacamole, and dragon fruit mango smoothies.