Trekking across Costa Rica “Pura vida style”

Author: The Head Fruit

At J&C Tropicals, we take our international farming and supply chain business very seriously. For decades we have worked with farmers in Costa Rica in addition to owning and growing ourselves. While we may live thousands of miles apart on the day-to-day, our relationships and communication are as close and open as if they were our next-door neighbors in Homestead, Florida.

In April, I traveled to Costa Rica along with Luis Cintron, VP of Procurement; and Christian Hosford, VP of Marketing to further strengthen our farming relationships, view this season’s crops, and lay the foundation for increasing volume to meet the growing demand for our tropical root produce. Over the course of seven days, we traveled to our yuca, ginger, chayote, and calabaza farms where we met and walked the farms with our respective partners. It was nothing short of amazing.

One thing I can tell you without hesitation is that our farming partners in Costa Rica are top-notch. They not only love what they do, but they also live to make it better for all of us. The sense of pride and passion they have for farming is unlike anything I have ever encountered… except for maybe us here at J&C Tropicals. I’d like to say it’s rooted in the dirt but I think their approach to the Pura Vida lifestyle has something to do with it.

Be sure to check out our new farming videos at our newly “minted” website to learn how we go about our business to bring you exceptional produce from Costa Rica.

Pura Vida,
Jesse Capote