Want to be a Hero?

Author: The Head Fruit


Ginger is your secret weapon against big, bad, evil pain! Use it as a super sidekick against stomach discomfort and infections too! 

  • Dynamic Digestion: Ginger speeds up the stomach emptying, which is excellent for indigestion! Goodbye, stomach discomfort! 
  • Pain Freezer: Ginger helps you freeze pain in its tracks with its anti-inflammatory properties! When period pain, tummy rumbles, or morning sickness lurks nearby, ginger will fight against it with superfruit strength! 
  • Bacteria Battler: Reduce infection risks with ginger, which helps fight harmful bacteria and viruses!

Dragon Fruit

This fiery pink flame has extraordinary magical powers that help keep you young and energetic with a healthy gut!

  • Fountain of Youth: Dragon fruit’s unique antioxidants protect your cells from damage by evil free radicals. Free radicals are known to lead to cancer and premature aging. 
  • Iron-Man: Dragon fruit boosts iron levels! Iron is important for moving oxygen through your body and giving you energy. 
  • Gut Glory: When your gut is in trouble, dragon fruit will give you unique probiotic powers to balance the bacteria in your gut and fight for proper digestion! 

Star Fruit

This low-calorie wonder-fruit has the magic touch to bring you into your full superstar form!

  • Inflammation Domination: When evil inflammation wreaks havoc on the body, eat star fruit to take it down.
  • Sleep Sidekick: All superheroes need their sleep. Starfruit is full of magnesium which will help you sleep peacefully through the night. 
  • Immunity Boost: Star fruit provides you with a boost of vitamin C, which ensures that your body will produce the right level of white blood cells for a robust immune system. 


This furry red fruit will help you achieve superhero-like immunity!

  • Germ Fighter: Certain extracts from rambutan fruit may help fight infections, and may prevent viruses from replicating, helping your immune system fight off germs more easily! 
  • Vitamin C Boost: Shield your immune health with a vitamin C boost!
  • Potassium Boost: Rambutans are full of potassium, a mineral that helps your heart beat, kidneys function, and muscles contract. Feeling super already! 


Magnificent mango will fuel you with heroic fuel, strength, and energy to fight bodily crime! 

  • Toxic Tackler: Toxins love to build up in the body, using their evil powers to cause brain fog, fatigue, bad breath, and hair loss. But mango has an arsenal of awesome antioxidants that fight off all sorts of toxins! 
  • Captain Collagen: Mangoes have high levels of vitamin C, which helps form collagen, the protein responsible for keeping skin plump and firm! 
  • K-Kick: With tons of vitamin K, mangoes help strengthen your bones and help your blood clot effectively! 


Presenting Avocado, the lean green machine! When trouble is afoot, this fantastic fat is there to protect your heart, arteries, and eyes. 

  • Heart Hero: Safeguard your heart! Avocado’s magnificent monosaturated fats protect against heart disease. 
  • Precious Pressure: This alligator pear has major potassium powers, which support healthy blood pressure! 
  • Vision Power: Avocados contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two phytochemicals present in eye tissue. They provide antioxidant protection to help minimize damage, including from UV light.