A J&C Tropicals Partner Spotlight on Steve Williams, V.P. Produce & Floral, Southeastern Grocers

Author: The Head Fruit

Steve Williams is a big believer in the power of produce at retail. Since 2018, he has overseen the transformational growth of the tropicals category at Southeastern Grocers throughout their southeast footprint. By focusing on signature categories and offering the customer variety, he has that tropical Midas touch. Under his leadership, his success has been the aggregate of the strong relationships and programs he has galvanized with his respective produce partners. 

We first started working with Williams 15-years ago when he led the produce division at Kash N’ Karry Supermarkets. With stints at Sweetbay Supermarkets and Fiesta, and now Southeastern Grocers, we have been with him every step of his career. Today, Southeastern Grocers is one of J&C Tropical’s most active Premier Partners. It’s a partnership that has harvested double-digit growth during Williams’ tenure. 

Dragon fruit, rambutan, passion fruit, tamarind, and turmeric are just a few of the many superfoods and tropical fruits, roots, and vegetables we provide to Southeastern Grocers. While quality, consistency, and variety will always be the foundation of our sales strategy, our ability to offer Southeastern Grocers innovative solutions, pricing programs, merchandising enhancements, and stand-out POS programs are some of the reasons why his tropicals portfolio is now positioned front and center at retail. 

For example, our “Locally Grown” bin program was a tropical game-changer for Southeastern Grocers. Colorful, vibrant, and stocked with exceptional variety, Williams was able to forge customer confidence and build the category by selling a lot of produce. 

“Tropicals really influenced our portfolio management. It’s fun and festive. To grow any tropicals category, though, it takes commitment. In J&C Tropicals, we have a proven partner who knows how to get it done with fun and, most importantly, make it profitable. It’s a real match made in tropical heaven. ” – Steve Williams, V.P. Produce & Floral, Southeastern Grocers

When it comes to our partners, we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Their success is our success, especially when we see seasonal specialties become year-round offerings.