Innovation as Fresh as Our Produce

Author: The Head Fruit

Introducing our new customized, state-of-the-art sorting & packing machine.



Measures and sorts up to 16 pieces per second by weight and size of the tropical produce.

200,000 LBS PER AN 8-HR SHIF

5X the output in ½ the space of our previous facility.


From the farm delivery through the box ship, our cold chain is never broken. Only the best of the best leave our warehouse. 


Stations and equipment are sanitized daily and are designed to be ergonomic, minimize human fatigue and maximize output. 


At J&C Tropicals, we have always held ourselves to the highest standards in quality, commitment, and variety. As third-generation farmers, we know first-hand you have to study the trends before the trends take shape. For the last several years, we have made significant financial investments to bring innovation to our farms, packing facilities, and retail, including at the register. As the landscapes of agriculture and commerce continue to demand more, J&C Tropicals is once again getting ahead of  the curve in innovative packing.

After vigorous research, we’ve implemented a new packing system with custom machinery designed for our South Florida warehouse. The advanced mechanics allow us to evaluate each harvest, calculating the percentage of high-quality fruit that meets our standards, and provide feedback to our farmers. It also permits the careful packing of our fruits at nearly six times the original speed without compromising our sought-after quality.

“The reason we got such a sophisticated packing line is that it can pack five times more output than our previous traditional packing facility in ½ the time”— Jessie Capote, CEO

With this new system in place, we can pack fruit the same day it was picked, delivering it in-store within 24 hours. Adhering to our commitment to deliver fruits at peak ripeness, our farm-to-store turnaround is approximately two days, the fastest in the nation. 

Our dedication to the industry extends beyond the delivery to the in-store shopping experience. Each pack is meticulously structured for seamless transportation, and every fruit is labeled with our elastic tagging system complete with an educational barcode.

“We wanted a consistent and well-designed pack that retailers would be able to plan easily around and maximize their sales by tracking it at the register” — Adrian Capote, VC Sales

With the industry landscape constantly repositioning itself, we are in a continuous pattern of growth and evolution as a company. We pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned in our research, education, and ability to sense a shift before it takes stride. With our fingers on the pulse of tropical fruit, you can rest assured that we will continue to deliver you the highest-quality first-rate fresh produce with every single pack.