Eggs Benedict with Avocado and Passion Fruit Hollandaise

If you love poached eggs as much as a we do, then you are going to adore this recipe!
Florida grown passion fruit has a tart and floral flavor that marries perfectly with a fresh Hollandaise sauce whilst adding a vast amount of nutrients and medicinal value to your morning.



2 people


15 minutes




4 pc Eggs

1 tbsp White Vinegar

1 pc Lemon

1 tsp Salt

1/2 cup Clarified Butter

2 pc Passion Fruit

1 Pc Avocado

Water ¼ cup

1 tsp Salt

2 Pc Wholewheat Toast


1) Cut the passion fruit in halves, scoop out the fruit, mix in a blender with the water and the juice of 1 lemon and strain into a cup.

2) To make the Hollandaise sauce: separate 2 egg yolks and put in a stainless steel bowl, add lemon, salt and pepper and put the bowl in a bain marie (or Double Boiler) continuously whisking.

3) Slowly add the clarified butter at room temperature while whisking to emulsify the sauce.

4) Add the passion fruit juice while whisking. Remove the sauce from the fire.

5) Cut the avocado lengthwise, remove the pit, scoop out the fruit and slice.

6) Place the avocado over the toasted bread. Drizzle with lemon juice and sprinkle some salt on top.

7) To poach the eggs; it’s important to note that the water should be almost boiling but it has to never boil. Heat water in a deep pot and add the vinegar and a pinch of salt. Crack open the eggs in a small espresso cup or something of the same size. Move the water in circles with a spoon and slowly put the eggs one by one. Cook for about 4 minutes. Remove with a clotted spoon and serve over the avocado.

8) Finish with the passion fruit hollandaise and enjoy!