Surprise Your Tastebuds


Mamey milkshake anyone? This tropical fruit delicacy, also known as mamey sapote, is often a difficult commodity to find in distribution. Its unique flavor can be described as a “deliciously sweet pumpkin with berry-like and nutty overtones.” Inside, its meat/pulp is a light pink to a deep salmon color with orange-ish hues at optimal ripeness. An average-sized mamey is about the size of a large sweet potato, approximately 4–10 inches long and weighing between 10 ounces to 8 lbs. They are considered ripe when they yield slightly upon being squeezed.

J&C Tropicals carries Key West and Magaña varietals.

  1. Cut mamey as you would an avocado: peel the around skin and remove seeds.
  2. Divide pieces into halves.
  3. In the Caribbean, namely Cuba, mamey is typically prepared in the form of mouth-watering tropical shakes and/or daiquiris.
  4. Try as a zesty new addition to any fresh fruit salad!

Mamey ripens quickly at room temperature. Refrigerate up to 3 weeks and store in an air-tight container or bag.

Magaña Variety: January – June
Key West Variety: July – November

  1. Good source of fiber
  2. A little-known benefit of mamey includes giving skin a healthy glow because of the vitamins and carotenoids