Go Bananas!

Green Bananas

Do you like yellow bananas? Green bananas are just the unripe version! Trust us, you’re going to love them. Growing up in a Cuban household, almost every dinner was paired with a whole banana. Rice and beans? Throw a banana on a plate. They are starchier and less sweet-tasting than ripe bananas. Make sure they are dark green and firm to the touch for best conditions.

  1. To remove the peel, use a knife or a peeler.
  2. Green bananas are best eaten either boiled or fried.
  3. Can be eaten raw instead of ripe for their nutritive benefits.

Green bananas can remain at room temperature, or in the refrigerator for longer conservation. Because they ripen quickly, store in the refrigerater for up to a week and wrap the stems.


Ecuador, Guatemala, and also sourced from Costa Rica

  1. Good source of fiber and vitamins
  2. Contains starches which support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels