Small, Yet Mighty

Aji Cachucha

Aji cachucha may be small, but don’t underestimate these hotties! Usually grown in the Caribbean, this pepper has squat, oblong, and wrinkled pods. They begin as light green, transforming to yellow-orange, and red when mature. Cachucha chile peppers are aromatic and crunchy. They impart sweet, fruity, grassy, and smoky flavors that are complimented by a mild heat. One of the most common uses is as an important ingredient for sofrito, a sauce used in several Latin American cuisines.

J&C Tropicals carries red, green, and yellow aji cachuca pepper varieties.

  1. Cut off stem and remove seeds if you want less heat.
  2. Chop or slice for cooking.
  3. Best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as sautéing, roasting, and stewing.
  4. When fresh, the peppers can be used to season dishes, chopped into salsas, blended into sauces, used to flavor marinades, or tossed into green salads.

Keep peppers in a dry environment for up to 1 week when loosely stored whole. Place unwashed peppers in a sealed bag in the refrigerator.


Dominican Republic

  1. Excellent source of Vitamin C – this antioxidant helps support collagen production in the body